Monday, April 1, 2024

Low-fat Vegy Burrito with Hummus

Take two non-fat wheat flour tortillas.  Spread them thinly with hummus (I like roasted red pepper) or any kind of mashed beans.  Sprinkle grated cheese lightly all over (but not too much, or it will be hard to roll). I use reduced-fat cheddar mixed with some fresh parmesan.  Any cheese should work (including vegan).  Take a few spoonfuls of roasted/cooked vegys and spread that over thinly.  You can add any meats or cheeses.

Starting from one side, roll them very tightly and lay them down so the side that is folded over is underneath.  These are DELICIOUS and would probably make good hors d'ouvres if you sliced them up.  Best of all, they are healthy and low-fat.

You can use gluten free or low carb tortillas (I have not seen any that are both). You could probably make gluten free buckwheat pancakes and leave out the sweetener...

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