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Here is a list of my various collections.....Some of which I share with my husband. If you collect the same things, or just want to comment, I'd love to hear from you. 

We moved in Summer 2013 to a 2 bedroom condo in Hawaii, so we gave away or threw out a lot of things, and put a lot in storage. In the 8 years we've lived here in Arkansas, we haven't done much about displaying the collectibles. Now we're moving to NY, so we don't know yet how much room we'll have. Stay tuned!

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gold coin Videos/DVD's   
silver coin *Bears - mostly stuffed. bearing.gif (1338 bytes)

silver coin *Business cards - All different kinds! A very large collection.

gold coin Hotel/Motel card keys - Here are some photos of my small collection #1, #2, #3

silver coin*Swizzle sticks - the decorative ones that have the name of the bar/hotel/restaurant on them.

gold coinBooks - scifi, and all sorts. I got rid of most of my paperbacks when I moved in 2013, but I still collect hardbacks and love to read ANY type of book. I use my Kindle a lot, too.
silver_coin.gif (4780 bytes) Records/Tapes/CD's/MP3's - All sorts of music, from musicals to different groups and singers, to comedy to t.v. stuff to choral to karaoke. I have many records (which I keep partly in an old console TV and partly in my entertainment center), tapes (which I mostly keep in little wooden drawers-under the curtain in the pictures here), and cd's (in the cd holder).  I got rid of many of these when we moved, but I have most of them on MP3, anyway.
gold coin Shot glasses - We collect ones from different states and places we've been to.
silver coin *Kirk and Picard figures - from Star Trek.

gold coin*Princess Leia and Luke figures from Star Wars. See a picture of me as Leia!          
gold coinPhotos - lots of photo albums and scrapbooks
silver coin *Elvis stuff - a small collection, including a velvet painting
gold coin*Beatles stuff - Mostly Paul McCartney dolls, pictures, etc. but a fair amount of John, George, and general Beatles items such as stamps, figures, pictures, etc.           
silver coin *License plates - Collect ones from different states, provinces, and countries.     
gold coin*Baseball caps - Not only major and minor league, caps from different places. My husband got rid of a lot of his caps when we moved.
silver coin *TV Guides - ones from different areas.
gold coin*Newspapers - ones from different areas.

gold coin*Pens/Pencils - The kind with the name of the business, etc. on them.
silver coin *Buttons - All different kinds (not sewing ones!)
gold coin*Political buttons, especially.
silver coin Beer bottlecaps - decorative ones.
gold coinForeign beer bottles and cans
silver coin *Foreign beer coasters - started this one summer when I went to Germany. (They can be seen in the pictures above)
gold coin*Stickers - any kind.
silver coin *Small soaps - the kind you find in hotels, airlines, trains, etc.
gold coin*Foreign coins and currency
 silver coinSouvenir glasses - collected from different places we've been.
gold coinMugs - mostly from places we've been. New pics -->
silver coin *Small piano knickknacks
gold coin*Refrigerator magnets - all kinds.            
silver coin *Ladybugs  - mostly stuffed

gold coin*Soap Opera Digest--here are the issues I'm missing:  2/14/84, 3/13/84, 8/28/84, 10/23/84, 9/23/86, 10/6/86, 10/20/86, 11/17/86, 12/1/86, 12/15/86, 1/27/87, 2/24/87 THROUGH 5/19/87, 7/14/87, 7/28/87, 8/12/87, 8/26/87, 9/9/87, 11/3/87, 8/21/89, 4/28/92, 2/16/93 THROUGH 4/27/93, 9/28/93, 10/12/93, 11/9/93 THROUGH 12/21/93, 2/1/94, 3/15/94, 3/27/01, 5/22/01, 6/26/01, 7/10/01, 7/17/01, 11/13/01, 12/25/01, 2/26/02 (some of the more recent ones may turn up somewhere...).  Please contact me if you have any of these for sale or trade! I have only a few to trade, though. I don't know if this list is still accurate or not.

silver coin *Russell Crowe/Gladiator Merchandise--I have a small collection.          I gave most of this away when we moved to another collector.

gold coinSoap Opera memorabilia -- I've collected a ton of stuff from the net and when I went to the General Hospital and Port Charles Fan Luncheons.        

silver coinAsk Jeeves Stuff--I collect a bunch of stuff from when I worked there...

gold coin Las Vegas $1 poker chips from the casinos.       

silver coinMork and Mindy Collectibles that I bought off Ebay   

gold coin Small seashell collection  These are ones I've collected or friends have given me, for the most part.

silver coinStuffed cats and dogs  I ended up with a bunch of these; I don't actively collect them, though.

gold coinAssorted TV/Movie collectibles--I have a small collection of various things I've picked up.

silver coinAssorted souvenirs--I have two shelves of misc. stuff we've picked up on our travels.

  gold coinMisc. sports souvenirs--some baseballs, cards, pennants, etc. my husband has collected.       A lot of this was given away when we moved.

silver coinstuffed dragon collection

gold coinstuffed mouse collection

bear picWeb Sites about Collecting

Links for bears, swizzle sticks, etc. can be found on my other pages linked above.

General Collecting and Antiques

Swappers and Collectors Everything for collectors! Search engines, 1000’s sites & collectors listed, newsgroups, message board... Add your Free listings!

AnotherUniverse  Beanies, scifi collectibles, and much more

The Antique Shop

Arts and Crafts Bulletin Boards Dolls, bears, all sorts of things

Collector's Super Mall - The largest online source of antiques and collectibles

Collectors Weekly

Cool and Collected Collectibles

Heather Holmberg's

Hobby Planet

The Internet Antique Shop For buying antiques and collectibles online

Ladybug's Treasures

Yahoo Directory


70's Preservation Society

DeeT's 70s Page

Etsy For home made arts and crafts - it has many collectibles

steve's collectibles - Howdy Doody & Much More!!

Beanie Babies and other Toys

BigBad Toy Store

Entertainment Earth

etoys Great site for buying toys

Side Show Toy

Toy Wiz


Internet Auction List

ebay auction Great site for collectibles and other stuff they auction

Assorted Specific Collectibles

Car Grille Badges

ChipGuide For casino chip collectors

DeShawn Marie Handcrafted Soaps Huge Magnet Store online!

Hotel and Shampoo Collectors of America

I Inherited a Stamp Collection - Now What?

Roadmap Collectors of America

Vinlyville--records and more

World Coins


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