Saturday, March 30, 2024

Carb-Free Hot Chocolate

 Fill a small mug or cup half-full with cream. Fill most of the rest of the mug with water. Heat on high in microwave until hot (2 or more minutes, depending on how hot you like it). Don't boil it as it will get a film. (you could do this on the stove top instead of the microwave if you wish)

In a larger mug, put two or three heaping spoons full of cocoa powder (the kind you bake with, not hot chocolate mix) and an equal amount of Equal or Splenda (you might have to adjust this to your tastes). Pour in the hot cream/water mixture. Stir it very well until there are no clumps (you might have to use a mini-blender to get it completely mixed). Garnish with whipped cream (not the pre-sweetened kind). No marshmallows unless they are sugar-free. You could sprinkle some cinnamon on it for some extra flavor.

This is very rich, so you could easily save some for another day or share it with someone

I diluted the cream with water so that it will be less fattening and not as rich. Cream has no carbs, but milk does, so you don't want to substitute milk or half and half unless you want to add carbs.

This would probably make a good smoothie as well if you put it in a blender with some ice. You could add a little mashed banana (this will add carbs) or maybe find some banana or caramel sugar free syrup to add. Your only limit is your creativity

You can also add some Bailey's to the hot chocolate to give it a little kick, and/or some Godiva chocolate liqueur. I have ordered it in restaurants and it is delicious.

Gluten free and low carb


Credit to Tim, bartender at Epiphany, for part of this!

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