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Nonfat and low-calorie

1/2 package of frozen raspberries

an equal amount of fresh strawberries, washed, trimmed and hulled, and cut in half.

one banana, peeled and cut in thirds

a cup of plain nonfat vanilla

Equal to taste

3 Tablespoons orange juice

Defrost raspberries.  When they are almost defrosted (soft enough to cut up easily but not soggy), put them in the blender or food processor.  Add other fruit.  Blend or process (puree) until smooth.  Add yogurt and Equal to taste (I like a lot because both the raspberries and yogurt are kind of sour).  Blend until smooth again.

You can add a package of blueberries as well.  You can switch and use frozen strawberries and fresh raspberries, or you can use both frozen or both fresh.  I like the frozen/fresh combo because it seems to work well for the consistency.  I don't always measure the Equal or the yogurt, I just put in how much I feel like.

Should make enough for two smoothies.

If you like your smoothies really frosty, you can fill the rest of the blender with ice and process until it is smooth.

Gluten free; not low carb.

For a low carb smoothie:

Cut up 4 or 5 strawberries (or your favorite fruit). Add in to the blender with a Cup of cream, your favorite sweetener to taste (I like a lot of Equal or Splenda), and and a bunch of ice. (I just eyeball it)  You could add other fruits if you wish, as well.  Puree until smooth.  It may take awhile. I like to test it first with a straw before I get it out of the blender to make sure all the seeds and ice are well blended, and that it's sweet enough for me. You can also use whipped cream, Cool Whip, yogurt or milk.  The last two have more carbs, though.

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