Monday, April 1, 2024

McGlone Coffee

To say that I don't like the taste of coffee is an understatement, but I've gotten more used to it over the years.  Sometimes you just need something hot to warm you up, especially when there's no soup or hot chocolate.

I was in an Irish pub called The Field in San Diego when I came up with this Irish coffee variation. I asked them to name it after me, but I doubt they have! 😉

Fill a coffee mug 1/4 or less full of coffee.  Add one shot of Bailey's or Bushmill's Irish Cream liqueur.  Add 1/2-1 shot of White Chocolate Raspberry Stoli (liqueur).  Add two T. of sugar or 5 packets Equal.  Fill the rest of the cup with whipped or clotted cream.  Stir.  It will taste more like hot chocolate than coffee.  Enjoy!

NOT for dieters unless you want a special treat. Not low carb or dairy-free; gluten free if you use gluten free coffee.

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