Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Fried Cheese Turkey Quesadilla


This is low carb, gluten free and dairy free (if you use vegan cheese).

Heat a non-stick pan of medium side. Spray it lightly with Pam. Heat the pan on medium-high.  Take a large handful of shredded cheese (I use Vegan) and pile it in the middle (not too thick), so that it's roughly tortilla or pancake size.

Let the cheese tortilla cook for a while, but don't burn it. Lift the edges gently with a spatula. If you can lift it without it bunching up (it's no longer too soft), flip it over.  Cook it through a bit.

You can fill it with turkey or any meat or veggies that you wish. Fold it in half and press it down a little. Flip it over. Make sure both sides are cooked.  Remove from pan.

You can add mayo or any kind of sauce you want.  Eat it quickly because it's not as good cold.


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