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Kathleen's Stuffing Recipe


This recipe is a family recipe. It's from my mother-in-law's mother, Kathleen*, whom I never met, since she died a long time ago.  It's an excellent recipe that we always make for Thanksgiving because it is just wonderful and never disappoints (and you never have enough).

Combine the following ingredients:

6 Cups day old bread crumbs or cubes

1 small chopped onion

3/4 tsp. salt

2 tsp. sugar

1/2 tsp. pepper

1 tsp. sage

1/4 Cup parsley

3 stalks chopped celery (including tops)

1/2 Cup melted butter

1/3 Cup water

This should be enough for a 5-8 bird.

Stuff in turkey and roast turkey according to your own recipe.

NOTE: I used fresh herbs this year and it was very yummy.

You can make extra stuffing in a pan.  Pour chicken broth in the stuffing until it looks moist.  Put the pan in the oven for the last two hours of the turkey's cooking. Or you can roast it in the oven by itself for an hour or so (don't let it get too crusty on top). You can mix it with the turkey's stuffing so that it all tastes better (the stuffing inside the turkey is always way better).

I made it with gluten-free bread, and it was still pretty darned good.

I also use a food processor to chop up the onions, and to chop the fresh herbs. Remember, when substituting fresh herbs for dried, you should use three times as much.

This is not low carb..

*Her real name was Catherine, but they called her Kathleen. I guess that's an Irish nickname.


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