Monday, April 1, 2024

Sausage and Peppers

I definitely didn't grow up with this dish. I first had it while going to college at SUNY Stony Brook. I worked at one of their student cafeterias, and they had this amazing dish! I just love it.

 I tweaked the recipe that I got from EmmJay at the Diabetes Daily Forum


1 1/2 pounds of sausage, sliced (make sure you take it out of the casing first) Use turkey sausage if you want to make it low fat.

1 1/2 bell peppers (any color, or mix and match), sliced

1 yellow onion, sliced

You can also add sliced mushrooms if you like those.

First, drizzle the peppers and onion in a bowl liberally with olive oil. Coat the bottom of a large frying pan with olive oil as well, and heat on fairly high heat. When the oil is hot, add the peppers and onions, with their oil.  Sauté until soft and browned. Remove to a bowl or plate.

Do the same as above with sausage. Cook through.  Add the veggies back in with the sausage.  Add a lot of the Italian Seasoning (I don't really measure it). Stir together and cook a little more.

You can also add some pizza or tomato sauce with it, or some parmesan cheese. It's good by itself, or with pasta, or in a sandwich.

Without the bread or pasta, it's low carb and gluten free. Use vegan cheese if you want it to be dairy-free.


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