Monday, April 1, 2024

Chocolate Truffles

I make these every Christmas!

7 oz. semisweet or bittersweet chocolate

1/4 Cup whipping cream (heavy cream)

1/2 Cup unsalted butter, cut up

2-3 tsp. Grand Marnier or other brandy, or rum.

Dutch process cocoa, or 2 Cups finely chopped walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans or pistachios

Coarsely chop chocolate.  Place in top of double boiler and add whipping cream and butter.  Heat over simmering water, stirring constantly until chocolate and butter melt and mixture becomes satiny smooth.

Remove top of double boiler from heat.  Stir in liqueur.  Cool slightly.  Refrigerate 2 hours or until chocolate mixture is firm.

Working quickly, form mixture into 1-inch balls (balls may melt slightly on outside)  Drop into bowl of cocoa or chopped nuts, coating truffles on all sides.  Place on wax paper.

Repeat procedure until all chocolate mixture is used.  If mixture becomes too soft, return to refrigerator 1/2 hour or more.  Truffles may be refrigerated 1 hour after making to firm further.  Serve at room temperature.  Makes 20-30 truffles.

I made these this year with baking chocolate (the kind with no sugar), and Splenda, and they still came out delicious. I prefer them without the liquor.

I believe this recipe came from the newspaper.


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