Saturday, March 30, 2024

Green Eggs and Ham


I took some left-over pureed veggies that I made for the turkey-veggie burgers. I sautéed them in Pam for a while, on medium-high heat, then I added some chopped ham.  I beat three eggs, adding salt and pepper. When I felt the veggies and ham were browned enough, I added the eggs. I turned the stove burner down to medium.  I scrambled the eggs (basically, stir-fried) with the veggies and ham, until they were cooked, and then I added a few handfuls of shredded cheese and stirred that up.

I looked at it and realized that, without even planning to, I had made Green Eggs and Ham!  They were good, too, so don't expect anyone to say, "I do not like them, Sam I am", except in jest.

These are gluten free, and low carb!  You could easily make them dairy-free with DF cheese.


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