Sunday, March 31, 2024

Fried Catfish


Spray a large non-stick pan with butter-flavored Pam. Turn heat between medium and medium-high.

Take fresh catfish (or any boneless, fresh fish) and pound it thin like you would chicken. Dip the fish in a crumb coating (our store sells New Orleans Style Fish Fry by
Lousiana Fish Fry Products; you can probably find something similar where you live, or look for a recipe online), coating both sides. Put the fish in the pan and fry it as you would a hamburger, until both sides are golden-brown. Don't turn too often, or the fish may fall apart, and you might not get the crispy outside part, which is delicious.

I like to melt a little butter and brush it on the fish before serving, but it's not necessary. It's delicious, and you don't even need tartar sauce!

This Fish Fry product is made with corn flour, so it's gluten free.  You could also probably use gluten free bread crumbs and add your own spicy seasonings to it to make it similar!

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