Saturday, March 30, 2024

Chicken Taco Salad


When I make chicken tacos for my husband, I make this for myself.

When frying the tortillas in this recipe, I usually fry a few extra up for munching. Leave them in the oil until they are nice and brown, but not burnt (just crispy).

Put lettuce in a bowl.  Place the chicken, tomatoes, cheese, picante sauce, and sour cream from the chicken tacos on top of the lettuce and toss. You only want to use a small amount of the last two ingredients, to make a kind of dressing.

Eat one of the crispy tortillas as bread with the salad.  Much healthier and fewer carbohydrates that way.

This is gluten free; and low carb if you don't eat any tortillas. Leave out the sour cream, or buy some DF sour cream, to make it dairy-free.


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